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Can I use G'Bye G'Nats! on my kids?

Because of our 7% pure essential oils in our product we recommend using it on children 7 years of age and older. You may consult your physician for advice.

Is G'Bye G'Nats! safe for my pets?

Our product has only been tested on horses. The face and ears where the gnats and flies bother them the most. We do not recommend essential oil products to be used on dogs and cats, because they lick their fur. Yuck!

How often do you have to reapply?

G'Bye G'Nats! has good staying power when used as directed. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. It has been tested in sweltering heat playing sports at dusk. It is safe and can be used as often as needed!

How do you apply?

Shake up the bottle before using and spray liberally. For best results spray and then rub in. When applying to face, spray into the palms of your hands and then pat in. It is specially formulated to not promote acne and it leaves your skin soft and supple.

How do you pronounce G'Bye G'Nats!?

You pronounce both, G'Bye and G'Nats just like you would say, "G'DAY mate".

Does your product trigger tree nut-allergies?

There are no tree nut products in our formula.

How can I become a G'Bye G'Nats! dealer?

Please email us with your interests and we will respond promptly.

Plese contact us with any questions about our product or services.