About the Company

G'Bye G'Nats! Co. is a Native American/Woman owned and operated business. The owner, Maryanne Fearer is half Cherokee and an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation. She has earned the Trademark seal for being a Certified Authentic Made by American Indians Business.

Being a SC Licensed Esthetician for over 10 years and an outdoor sports enthusiast, she wanted to formulate a one of a kind bug repellent that was actually good for your skin, strong, effective, non greasy feel, safe for your face and able to apply as often as needed without harming you, and have all natural ingredients.

Finally, after over a year of testing in the Lowcountry of Bluffton, SC and Florida where no-see-ums and mosquitoes are plentiful, she developed the one and only G'Bye G'Nats!Bug Repellent.  

This formula is so unique - it is actually nourishing to the skin! Each bottle is handcrafted in Bluffton, SC with the potent botanicals and amazing fragrance she was seeking.

Now you too can enjoy the outdoors doing what you love to do without the dreadful distractions of biting insects bothering you and your family.