What makes our Natural Bug Repellent different from the one you use?

What makes our Natural Bug Repellent different from the one you use?

Being a new company, I started doing pop-up events to introduce my bug repellent to the Hilton Head/Bluffton SC area in the Summer of 2023, where the bugs can get quite aggressive.

The very first thing people would ask me was, "What does G'Bye G'Nats smell like?  "And then, "Does it work?"  So, I had a tester bottle handy and eagerly waited to ask if they'd like to spray some on and try it out.  Almost everyone wanted to, but I did get a few, "No Thank yous."  And they followed up by saying, "I don't get bit by bugs."  How fortunate for them.  But, the ones that tried it absolutely loved the smell!  And I quickly reminded them that the biting bugs hate the smell and that it really keeps them away from you.

My customers also commented on how it felt on their skin. "Light and not greasy!" And that is exactly, how I wanted to make it.  As a SC Licensed Esthetician, I wanted a formula that was strong enough, yet safe when absorbed into the skin, even when applied to your face.  G'Bye G'Nats is not only nourishing, but beneficial to your skins health. And it will not promote acne breakouts.

For those of you who have been around gnats and no-see-ums, you know they love to fly around your eyes and bite your scalp.  My formula had to be safe for the face and hair.  I recommend spraying it directly to your hair, and for the face, spray onto your palms and then pat it in all over your face area.  Imagine, a bug repellent that you can actually rub into your face and know that it is safe and feels fresh.  My all natural ingredients in G'Bye G'Nats are known to preserve the skin and nourish it.

Oh!  Did I mention our main active ingredient, Sweetgrass? I am a member of the Cherokee Nation and my formula was greatly inspired by my ancestors. Sweetgrass was and is a big part of Native American lives.  It is an aromatic sweet smelling herb that the Native Americans discovered which kept biting insects, like mosquitoes away from them.

Now the U.S. Dept of Agriculture says that it produces a chemical that works as well as DEET insect repellent.  But, without the side effects.

Does all this sound too good to be true You just have to try it for yourself.  And keep enjoying time outside doing things that keep you young and healthy.

Also, I have had several people ask me why and how I came up with developing a natural bug repellent?  

Well, after moving to Hilton Head and Bluffton SC, my family and I noticed how bad the biting bugs were and I couldn't stand it any longer.  We love being outdoors but they were so distracting, it was hard to fully enjoy what you were doing.  We tried different products but I wasn't happy with them, so I decided to come up with my own.  I believed I could and was very determined to do so.  I wasn't planning on it taking over a year of testing though.  But, it finally happened and I was so overwhelmed I had to share it.   Most importantly, I wanted to give my customer a product that was of greater value than the price they paid for it. So, I choose to use only the best and finest ingredients.  And G'Bye G'Nats is proudly handcrafted and made in America.

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