No-See- Um

What Attracts No See Ums?

If you ever spent time near the coastal areas of South Carolina like Charleston, Hilton Head, Bluffton or Florida when it is bug season, you may have felt something chomping at your scalp, arms or legs, but you couldn't see anything biting you. More than likely it had to be those irritating, flying no-see-ums. Sometimes called biting midges or sand gnats. They measure smaller that 3mm in length. They actually look like tiny gnats and like mosquitoes they go for blood leaving you with an itchy welt.  And did you know that they can be found not only in the South and Lowcountry, but almost anywhere in the United States?

What Attracts No-See-Ums?

Like mosquitoes, no-see-ums are attracted to the smell of human skin, lactic acid, carbon dioxide from exhaled breath, and the heat that is produced by humans and they can feed on warm-blooded animals.  Something else people don't think of as attracting biting insects to themselves, and that it is wearing perfume or cologne.

Where Can No-See-Ums Be Found?

No-See-Ums can mainly be found in tall grass, marshy, swampy, and muddy areas. Especially where there is standing water or large bodies of water.
They prefer warm, humid climates with a lot of sun. These pesty biting gnats seem to be at their worst in the early mornings and early evenings.  

Is There a No-See-Um Season?

No-See-Ums are out in the Spring, Summer and Fall, but it seems they are abundant early Spring and the beginning of Fall depending on the area you are living or visiting.  If it's the Lowcountry, definitely Spring, Summer and Fall because of the high humidity.

How Can I Still Enjoy Being Outside?

It is a fact that some people are bothered more than others when it comes to no-see-um and mosquito bites.  But, if you are like most and want to prevent getting attacted by them, avoid being outside during the hours of dawn and dusk. Also, try wearing protective clothing like a hat, long sleeves, pants and shoes.  These are all very effective, but don't forget to apply a DEET free bug repellent that is reputable.

Is There a Safe Bug Repellent for No-See-ums and Mosquitoes?

There are safer alternatives to DEET, for keeping pesty, biting insects away. One in particular is believed to be the most potent, all natural bug repellent called, G'Bye G'Nats!  It is unique because of the active ingredient, Sweetgrass.  A known alternative to be as effective as DEET, but it is all natural. The fragrance is so pleasing to you, but not to no-see-ums, mosquitoes, flies and gnats.  They really keep away so you can enjoy being outdoors again!
It also feels amazing on your skin and not heavy or greasy.  It is so safe, you can use it on your face without the breakouts.  

Hope this helps.  Keep Safe and Healthy.  Enjoy Being Outside.




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